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Msc. Maciej Hendzel

Maciej Hendzel photo Room: D-2-65

Telephone: 4620

e-mail: maciej.hendzel[at]


ul. Łojasiewicza 11,

PL-30 348 Kraków


Direct city number: (+48 12) 664 + inner number 


Current research interests:

I am a science enthusiast with a background in physics and chemistry. My main research interests revolve around studying strongly correlated electrons, correlations in molecular systems, chemical bonding theory, numerical methods in solid-state physics, and quantum chemistry. 

In my investigations of strongly correlated electrons, I analyze phenomena where electrons in matter interact significantly, leading to unusual physical properties. I seek new numerical and theoretical methods that will enhance our understanding of these phenomena and contribute to developing novel materials with unique properties.

I am also involved in molecular research, studying the interactions between atoms in molecules. I employ chemical bonding theory to describe the structure and dynamics of molecules. My quantum chemistry studies utilise computational methods to model complex chemical processes and reactions.